Cold starters

Tomatoes and Emmental salad 7.00  
Tomatoe salad 6.00  
Niçoise salad 8.00  
Green salad 4.00  
Mixed salad 5.50  
Shrimps cocktail 9.00  
Vegetable platter
Cucumber, celeriac, carrot, tomatoe, beet, potato

Warm starters

Devils Scampis with cream 17€  
Merguez (spicy sausages 6 pieces) 10€  
Puff pastry filled with potatoes and onions 6€  


Our homemade couscous are exclusively made out of the freshest, minced vegetables Our meats are slowly stewed in separated portions so to keep them perfectly tender. Vegetables are served with all couscous dishes.

Couscous Royal for one person
Vegetables, stewed beef, chicken, lamb, 4 merguez or one beef skewer
Couscous with vegetables 12€  
Couscous with stewed beef 15€  
Couscous with stewed chicken 14€  
Couscous with broiled merguez 14€  
Couscous with stewed meatballs  15€  
Couscous with stewed lamb  17€  
Couscous with one beef brochette  15€  
Couscous with grilled lamb chops  17€  
Dried raisins  2€  

Additional side dishes
For one person

One serving of semolina 3€  
One serving of vegetables 3€  
Stewed chicken or meatballs 5€  
One beef brochette 6€  
Stewed beef or lamb 6€  
Grilled lamb chops  7€  

From the grill

Two beef brochettes, a choice of 3 salads* or fries 15€  
Two grilled lamb chops, a choice of 2 salads* or fries 14€  
Three grilled lamb chops, a choice of 3 salads* or fries 17€  
Four lamb chops, a choice of 3 salads or fries 18€  
Six merguez (spicy sausages), a choice of 2 salads or fries 14€  
Veal cutlet with cream and mushroom sauce served with fries  19€  
Grilled rib eye steak with garlic butter, fries and green salad


Grilled rib eye steak with fries and green salad

19 €


Our freshly prepaired salads:
Carrots, celeriac, tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot and green salad

Childrens' menu up to 12 years

Couscous with vegetables and  :

Just vegetables 7€  
Two broiled merguez 8€  
Stewed chicken 10€  
Stewed lamb 9€  
Stewed beef 8€  
Three stewed meatballs  9€  

French fries and :

Three meatballs 8€  
One grilled lamb chop 7€  
Three merguez (spicy sausages) 8€  
One piece of stewed chicken 6€  
Two pieces of stewed chicken 9€  
One serving of fries  3.50€  

Wine list

Our rosé wines


75 cl

37.5 cl

Coteaux de Mascara, Algeria 18€ 11€
Côteaux de Tlemcen, Algeria 19 12
Rosé de Gherouane, Morocco 18 11.50
Côte de Provence, France 19  
Côte de Provence, France 25  

Our red wines


75 cl

37.5 cl

Côte du Rhône 17€  
Pinot noir d’Alsace 18  
Vacqueyras Cuvée Prestige 2012 29  
Bordeaux, Médoc Château Haut Mauroc Bellecour 2011 32  
Beaujolais Village 17.50  
Gherouane, Morocco 18.50 11.50
Côteaux de Mascara, Algeria 19  12
Côteaux de Tlemcen, Algeria 19€ 11€
Cuvée du Président, Algeria 21€  
Château Ksara Réserve du Couvent 2011, Lebanon 27.50  
Château Kefraya Les Brechettes 2010, Lebanon 31€  
San Felipe, 2013, Argentina 23€  


Crémant d’Alsace A. Zirnfelt